30 September 2011

Today's Tarot - Queen of Swords

There are many different "meanings"...shades of connotation. So even though the Queen of Swords turned up fairly recently, there are still plenty of ideas to explore with this card.

When reading tarot, or learning to expand your intuition, it is helpful to have several books and resources. Many books about tarot give long lists of keywords that are more confusing than helpful. The trick to it, so I've found, is to find one main resource that resonates with your own understanding of the card...what your gut instinct tells you is the "right" meaning for the card, but have one or two others on standby. Sometimes, you will instinctually know that this primary meaning just isn't quite the right choice of words. Then you can go browsing...look up other meanings, use other reference sources, or just draw from your own insight until you find just the right-feeling meaning.

Sometimes, coincidence will point the way.

Today's card, the Queen of Swords, just came up recently...then, the idea from my favorite reference seemed to fit like a charm. Today, not so much...so I pulled out my other favorite reference and TA-DA there is just the right idea: sharpness of spiritual vision.

No only did that feel right, there was the added validation of coincidence. Just today I read a newsletter article by my teacher, Joy. It's hard to sum up her insight in a sentence, but the closest I can get is this: To have the best psychic insight you can have, be the best person you can be.

Psychic, intuitive, spiritual ability is a normal, natural part of the human experience. To have the spiritual vision, be the best you that you can be.



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