07 July 2011


Like Monty Python used to say...and now for something completely different.

They seem like completely different things, but believe it or not, Psychic Tarot and Holistic Health (Alternative medicine ) are actually quite close to each other. That's why I do both. Holistic health strives for healthy body MIND and SPIRIT. Tarot is one way to help stress, to work toward that healthy mind and spirit part. But today I'm going to put on my Ph.D. hat and talk about a common problem that we all have, no matter how much we are told not to do it. Sunburn.

Was laughing at the news this morning...some study had found some molecule that they think accounts for the pain of sunburn. While it may lead to better pain control down the road, what does that do for you if you overdid it at the pool yesterday? Not a lot.

Why monkey with molecules if there are no-nonsense, inexpensive, safe ways to do the same thing? What good do molecules do if there is no common sense in using them?

Of course, the best thing to do is, as always, prevention. It sounds like that old Henny Youngman joke, I'll grant you. "Doctor, it hurts when I do that...do don't do that" . Hurts to get a sunburn? So don't do that. Take it easy, build a base tan, know your limits, and yes...use sunscreen. Zinc oxide is a mineral that tends to do the trick if you want something gentle and more natural. The downside to natural is that it isn't convenient. You have to re-apply the natural stuff more often.

But everybody makes mistakes, and it is very easy to miscalculate or give in to impulse when it comes to outdoor fun. So what if you get singed despite your best efforts?

For the minor burns, there are loads of nice home remedies. It may take a few tries to find the one you like. One trick is a spray bottle filled with half water and half aloe juice. It is cooling and soothing, especially right after it happens. Another home remedy is the spray bottle with water and vinegar. Of those two, the aloe is my favorite. Vinegar always makes me feel more crispy, like a crunchy-skinned turkey right out of the oven. There are reasons they put that stuff in marenade, right?

After a little aloe at the start, I like to move on to an oil or lotion based remedy. Lavender is a classic...it even combines well with the aloe. If you are prone to sunburn, it might be worth while to have a spray bottle in the refrigerator with half water, half aloe juice and several drops of real lavender essential oil (available at most health food stores...Good Life Market is a favorite source of mine if you live in the South Hills region of Pittsburgh).

One of the best kept aromatherapy secrets I've found for sunburn and skin care is German Chamomile. I tried it for the first time just this summer. The oil is a bit pricey to make a blend yourself, and I've only found it in one commercial after-sun lotion...but that lotion was worth every penny. For a home mix, grab some of your favorite unscented lotion...like a cocoa butter or shea butter lotion, and for every 2 oz of lotion try about 10 drops of Lavender and 6 drops of the beautiful blue German Chamomile.

Of course there are lots of ways to sooth the sizzle other than this combination, but it's my favorite so far...aloe, lavender, German (not Roman, it's a slightly different plant) chamomile. Of course this has the bonus of any aromatherapy home remedy...it smells good!

Have fun, play (like the 7 of cups post) and if there is a little too much sizzle, cool it down and keep it soft and soothed with your favorite sunburn remedy.


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