14 June 2011

Personalized to You

Best availability this summer:

Like what you read here? Would you like an affordable reading personalized just for you by the blog author?

Send your name, question and reading selection (see list below) to ereadings@modern-oracle-tarot.com. A detailed reading will be returned to you by e-mail.

As a writer, e-mail readings are my specialty. You can't give away clues or answer leading questions so you know it is a real, authentic reading. The service is invoiced through PayPal for your privacy and security. You never share your private information with a stranger.

one card daily meditation - $5
yes/no decision helper - $5
Pathway reading (3 cards) - $20
Modern Oracle Reading - $30
Extended Modern Oracle Reading - $45.

18 or over to order please. For entertainment purposes only.

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