10 May 2011

Decide using both sides of your brain

Tarot is a very spiritual thing

It deals with ethics, intangibles, decisions, emotions...but little science outside the concepts of probability, uncertainty, and time as an extant 4th dimension...

So often intuitive work is dismissed or even aggressively opposed by the science community.

At the same time, many focus only on intuition, aggressively clinging to the old notion of fate and predictions, actively surrendering their power to the unproven and unknown.

To choose one way over the other is unbalanced. To choose science over intuition or intuition over science is to miss half of what is going on. The real truth, as I see it, contains both.

To make a good decision, the best decision...about anything, be it career, romance, relationships or general guidance...the best decision comes from a middle-way, balanced consideration of both.

Holism applies. Taking a holistic approach gives the best of both worlds.

This is a logical world, and a logical biased society. Deciding only on the basis of psychic perception means a high risk of failure.

If you live your life based on science and logic and hard facts alone, then you risk emotional starvation. Life is thin and grey without beauty and creativity, and at risk for emotional consequences.

Science does not discount beauty. Spirituality does not discount logic and common sense.

Humans were born...evolved...with BOTH aspects manifested in hard reality in our neural structure. Left-brained logic and right-brained creativity are both utterly necessary. In a world of logic-bias, Tarot, oracles, psychics and the like are tools to help us listen to our right-brains, to help us access the balance and advice the right-brain, our hearts and the subtle spiritual aspects of life have to offer. Tarot and psychic work adds color and depth to life, as does any spiritual endeavor.

Next big decision, use common sense. Next big decision, listen to your heart. Both.



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