03 April 2011

Q&A Is there life after death?

Q. Is there life after death?

A. I can't say that I have an answer for that one - it's a big question. But I do think that is the kind of really big, philosophical question that "psychic" (intuitive, spiritual, meditative) is suited to deal with. There is no concrete proof of life after death, just like there is no "proof" of psychic / intuitive information . The best we can do is infer, interpret our own sense and experience. At the same time, there is no concrete proof that this direct experience in anything less than valid and true for the individual having the experience. Like my favorite quote from J.K. Rowlings in the "Deathly Hallows"..."Just because it is happening in your mind doesn't mean it isn't real"...or something on that order.

I don't want to go where good sense fears to tread, so this is the best answer I can give: Look within, and listen to what your own heart and spirit says.

Think of astronomy. It is a fairly mainstream idea that there are supermassive black holes at the center of at least some galaxies. Since we can't hop in the car, drive over and take a look for ourselves...we have to infer, calculate and figure it out. We can observe the way the stars move, add that to what we know of physics and crunch the numbers.

Spirituality, and thoughts about spirit guides, angels, crossed over loved ones and so on require a different sort of inference and "number crunching". Looking at galaxies with just visible ligth, we miss all sorts of things...all the energy and everything that is happening in the infrared, radio, xray and gamma frequencies. Psychics and intuition, in a way, is like radio astronomy for the human spirit...our right brain hemispheres, our "sixth sense" lets us look at life in a way slightly outside the norm...detect things that aren't obvious and would otherwise be missed...just like light-only astronomy would miss all the things that need radio telescopes to be detected.

How does that apply to spirit guides, angels and life after death?

Your heart, your imagination, your inexplicable inner knowing...they are your radio telescope. They let you detect, experience, infer and 'know' beyond what logic, science, and 'normal' senses can infer and detect. One doesn't prove the other...one doesn't cause the other...one isn't right and the other wrong. Light telescopes and radio telescopes are both right...they just focus on different wave lengths of energy within the universe. Science and spirituality are the same way. One doesn't prove or disprove the other...one doesn't cause the other...they just look at different aspects of the human experience. Both are important and helpful and right.

We can look at the sun and know it exists from direct experience. We can use a radio telescope and know a quasar exists through our interaction with the special equipment, even though we look up at the sky the quasar directly, or feel its warmth as we do with our sun.

We may not have any real way to scientifically "prove" life after death. There is certainly no way to concretely prove one religion or one philosophy. We can prove the sun's existence by pointing to the sky on a clear day. But how do you prove a quasar exists to someone who won't look at the radio telescope equipment? For some people their religion is their radio telescope. For others, it is tarot and intuition. The difference isn't in the radio equipment.

When one telescope after another, and another and many more still discover the same finding, you have to believe the data is real. Every culture, society, philosophy has some view about life after death. Everyone has some sort of 'data'...Everyone has SOME opinion about life after death, or at least SOME suspicion about it...yes or no.

The problem comes when every observer explains and qualifies the data in different ways. Everyone thinks their explanation is the only right one, even though other explanations explain the spiritual radio telescope data equally well...perhaps better.

Science has its ways for dealing with those situations...but what do you do when everyone has a different opinion about data of the spiritual sort?

When it comes to life after death, almost everyone thinks there is one...that is like the raw data from the radio telescope. Yes, I grant you everyone could be wrong, and instead of a quasar, it is just the microwave oven down the street warming up a burrito...but that, too, is just another explanation of the data...

Whether you explain that idea, that feeling, that suspicion, that belief in life after death as the result of believing certain things, the result doing certain things, a bunch of hogwash, or just a normal part of the natural function of the universe...you are still dealing with the subject, and you are basing it on your own direct experience with life. It is your interpretation of the "data" from the "radio telescope" to extend the analogy.

Whatever conclusion you draw...that is your truth, your explanation your belief. It is good and right and valid for you...not to belittle the subject...but your interpretation is as good as anyone else's. It doesn't matter if it matches the majority or not. It doesn't matter if it matches anyone else at all.

This is one area where reading for others can help...we can show you how to operate the equipment, or tell you the broken syllables we hear in the static, but in the end, only you can decide what you infer, you believe.

What I believe, I know...in every cell...from direct experience. My "radio telescope" has shown me things that I believe are convincing, but only you can look through the eyepiece to see what they universe shows you...only you can listen to the static and whistles to hear the message the cosmos sends you in this so-important question.

May you hear the message, see the data, and find happiness in the proof they hold.


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