07 April 2011

Is my brother talking to me from spirit?

Q. My brother passed away several years ago. I've been working with meditation and improving my own intuition. At first I could feel his presence and wrote the messages he gave me in a journal, but now I don't feel him or have any sense of him. One psychic told me his spirit is around me. Do you see him near me? Am I doing something wrong? When will I sense him again?

A. One thing I've learned is that "spirit guides" and deceased loved ones work on their schedule, in no way ours.Treasure the interactions you've had with your brother...don't become dependent on them, or expect more. Be glad for it when it happens, but don't demand it, or feel bad if it doesn't happen...the spirit world just doesn't work that way.
The way my guide put it is this...think of a room with a party going on. You, being incarnate...part of the three dimensional world, can only sit on a chair with a hood pulled up so you can only see straight ahead...you can't move around the room or see all around you. For spirits...they CAN move around. All time, all places in the room exists for them all at one time, because they have a high-dimensional frame of reference.
For the people in spirit...they can go anywhere, anytime. They see the whole room all at once with an easy glance around...all time is open to them. They are free to move anywhere in the room...all space is open to them. A moment now, and a moment ten years from now are both equally accessible to them...just like someone at that party can take a few steps. For you on your chair with your hoodie on, it is ten looooong years. And ten is just a made-up number for the example by the way...don't latch onto that.
Same is true of place as for time....sometimes they are across the room out of sight and we can't hear them over the chatter and noise of everyday life. Sometimes they are close enough to whisper in our ear.

We can't get up and chase deceased loved ones across the room. We can only listen.

As for so - called "psychic gifts"...we all have intuition, we all can connect on some level with our loved ones. You will know when he is near and talking to you, and when he isn't. You don't need anyone to tell you that...the key here is to have realistic expectations, and not get hooked on the feeling that comes from his closeness. You have a life to live...if her were alive, would he want you to be sitting around worrying about your 'psychic gifts' and pining away for him or would he want you to be living a full, happy and well balanced life? Why would his love for you and desire for you to be emotionally healthy change now just because he is in spirit?
I suggest keep journaling...but not just about him. Write a little every day...about your typical day to day thoughts. That will keep the channel open - but don't worry about if and when he speaks to you again. If you are open you will hear him. If you are focused on "psychic gifts" and whether you are hearing him or not...you'll be so up tight that it will be harder for you to hear if/when he does speak again. The best thing you can do for him is to live well, keep a balanced emotionally healthy attitude toward this. You'll hear him better, and he will have an easier time making himself heard.
Also, I strongly suggest you read these books by some real experts in the field...they are really super helpful...LEARN from them while you wait to hear from your brother again.

A Journey of Souls: Case studies of life between life by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

Psychic Protection by Ted AndrewsOne Last Time by John Edward

Crossing Over by John EdwardHello from Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim
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