19 April 2011

Daily Meditation - Page of Cups

When you try to find the meaning of a Tarot card, you might find yourself going in ever more confusing circles. It seems like every book, every website, has a different meaning. Even when the meaning is generally the same, the way it is phrased can give shades of meaning that may add to confusion.

It can make doing a reading for yourself, or learning to do readings in general, hopelessly frustrating.

I've dealt with that issue two ways:

1. I do the smallest card spread that will answer the question. As you've seen here, daily meditations are a favorite. It is a good way to learn the cards and learn to tune in to other intuitive clues.

2. I have selected two references that fit best with my overall philosophy and life view, my "lens of understanding" if you will. Then I stay with those references unless intuition strongly guides me elsewhere for a give reading, usually for others. If I'm reading for myself, staying with references that resonate with my overall life philosophy has always been reliable guidance.

Today's card gives us a perfect example of this. Meanings for the card that I've found run the gambit from "dealing with demons" to "rebirth" to "youth and creativity" , "a messenger", "a gentle and kind person", "a knowledgeable person"...I'm sure there are many many more.

What is the solution? Which meaning do you choose?

A good clue is context. Which makes the most sense given the question and concern brought to the reading.

If it is for a general thought for the day, or the sitter is open to any guidance, all you can do is rely on your instincts...which feels right...which one sparks further thoughts, images, words or other insights?

After all, tarot cards are just a springboard and a translator. The cards just prime the pump, helping our innate intuition to get started and gives a visual vocabulary for understanding what our intuition / the realm of spirit is trying to tell us.

Today's card is a good example of that too...I draw these daily meditation cards right as I sit down to post, with the intent that it carry a message that would be helpful to those who find this blog.

The "meanings" from my favorite sources didn't seem quite right. Neither did the ones from other sources. So I just listen to what else comes to mind...my...and your...intuitive understanding of a card is just as valid as anyone else's.

What came strongly to mind was the PAGE aspect of the card. Pages were most often knights in training, as I understand it. The phrase "padawan learner" from "Star Wars" comes strongly to mind. "Only the empty cup can be filled" is the key lesson in this interpretation.

So this card comes as a reminder to learn, no matter how old we are, to nourish our minds and souls is as valuable as nourishing our physical beings with quality food is valuable at any stage of life.

Wishing you a fulfilling day.



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