13 March 2011

three card pathway reading 13 March 2011

Just following impulse, instinct and intuition. It seemed like a day for a three card reading instead of the usual daily meditation. I'm not sure why, but here it is, offered in the hope it is helpful to someone.

Lessons from the past: King of Wands, leadership. Wands often have to do with our inner journey, inner learning. This card has a feel of "learn from your mistakes of the past"...in times where you have been timid, it is time to be a leader. Stand up for what you believe is right. My mind is drawn to the political events in Wisconson, USA. Also a bit to other peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations world wide. Now my mind is drawn to the Jacob character in Twilight. Just because a natural leader has put off that role in the past, does not mean they can not assume leadership I 'hear' "sometimes the benevolant king can ascend the throne". On an individual level, the past may have been difficult, mistakes may have been made, hurtful things may have happened...but you can still act with compassion and dignity even if others don't. Assume your throne.

The current concern: 6 of wands, peace. One person does not a peaceful society make. One person a peaceful life can make, and many peaceful people together can transform the world. Here my mind is drawn to a strong feeling of compassion toward Japan, even more so than other disasters for some reason...I don't know why, it isn't right per se, but that is the feeling of the moment. Perhaps because I just heard a news report that this one was magnitudes worse than Haiti even... it is the way geology works. The Richter scale goes up by magnitudes...one point up on the scale means damage and repercussions many times worse than the point before. Although I haven't thought of it, or looked at the website in quite a long time, my mind is drawn to the "I take the vow" project that was, at least in part, started by Deepak Chopra. I don't know why that comes to mind or quite how it relates to this, but I give it in case it helps somehow. I get the sense that organization isn't quite what it was when it started, but I associate that idea of "be the change you want to see in the world" both with that website and with this card right now.

The path forward: 2 of coins, balance. Here I think of the "middle way"...that moderation, balance, and avoiding extremes is the best way forward right now. Act...but act effectively. Extremism, fundamentalism, judgmentalism, or other extremes are a bad idea right now. The feeling here is very much balance, and especially "work smarter, not harder" . Efficiency is a key to having the resources to play, and to bring a life situation back into balance.

The "cold reading" portion this (the mental images that may or may not have to do with the cards or current question) shows first of all an image of the USA map...this reading my be for the nation as a whole, though the image is faint, and I'm not really confident in saying that. The feeling and idea of CALM comes through as essential. Also the phrase CALM AUTHENTICITY. (can use that advice myself...hope it helps you too).

And there the energies end.

Happy Sunday to you, what's left of it. I hope you have calm and peace when it is needed



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