Well, have you tried it?? Anyone try that game where you mentally envision the teams in your favorite sport as a game goes along to get a hunch about who will win? How do you feel about the Super Bowl?

I see a lot of back and forth between the logos…the sense of it is settling as plans go along…I see a strong first half for Green Bay, with an ultimate ‘cardiac kids’ win by Pgh, again…their usual style. But I’m biased, and that probably torpedoes the whole thing…but this is just for fun, eh?

Do any of you get a sense of words, spoken or whispered in your imagination? This kind of thing is just a game…but a game that can help you listen to your own intuition when it is needed.

Having fun with it to begin is a good idea. Its easier when you are relaxed, and this makes intuition more comfortable and familiar, again helping when the time comes.