19 January 2011

Truth in Fiction part 1

I forget the exact phrase...he may have been quoting something even older, I don't know...but saw an interview with the author Richard Clarke, when "Scorpion's Gate" was released. (Good book btw...fun read) Having written non-fiction before, he was asked why he wrote a fiction novel...his reply was the adage about how you can tell more truth through fiction than you can through nonfiction, basically.

That's true for psychic work too, in my experience.

Remember how Alice from Twilight was a good example of how "predictions" work, the power of choice and so on...

Remember how I said sports predictions are just for fun, kicks and grins...entertainment, just like sports are entertainment? Well, outside of the Steelers Nation they are...here, this is serious.

You know how children learn through play...same is true of psychics. We learn through play, and can speak truth through fiction.

Today's play and potential fiction is ...drum roll please...a yes/no reading for the AFC championship this weekend.

I don't remember if it was something I posted, or just chatter among my fellow citizens of da nation, but someone asked my prediction for the Steelers and the superbowl back at New Years, when I blogged those 'predictions'. Anyway, the impression I got was that the only real obsticals to the Super Bowl for the Steelers would be a team in either dark blue or dark green jerseys. That was before the season ended.

Like I should talk...I don't even know when the Super Bowl IS this year. (Did I mention I'm a hockey fan...GO PENS!). What color ARE the Jets away jerseys anyway?

To be honest, I was trying to make myself believe they are dark green and trying to flog up some pessimism about this weekend's game just to make myself think I'd made a good "prediction" then.

Can't do it. I wish I could sit here and say "I have a bad feeling about this, Luke". "I told you about those jerseys" "It doesn't look good" But it just doesn't feel that way, no matter what color shirts they wear for the game. There is an feeling of optimism that wasn't there three weeks ago.

It isn't a lock, by any means. As I imagine the two team logos, they go back and forth in which is brighter and larger. When the Steelers logo moves forward there is a dotted line leading to Super Bowl trophy (whatever they call it). When the Jets logo moves forward...there is a dotted line leading left out of the vision, away from that logo to something unseen.

See what I mean about so-called predictions and how they can change?

See? Fiction does tell truth...Alice was right, change the intent / choice, change the 'vision'. Yoda was right..."difficult to see. Always in motion is the future".

I still see the Jets as a bigger challenge than some may think. If the Steelers get an iota complacent, it could torpedo the whole thing. But what I 'see' is if the Steelers win the championship, they have a better than average change of winning the whole thing (Seven-burgh? One for the big toe?) But if the Jets win, I don't feel so optimistic for them

Ok, let's suck it up for a minute and go all 'miss cleo' on this and give my fakey so-called prediction: If the Steelers win the AFC, they win the Super Bowl. If the Jets win the AFC, they lose the Super Bowl.

Believe me, that is pure intuition since I have no freaking clue whatsoever who is even playing in the NFC....GO PENS!

The three card reading bears that out a bit "will the Steelers win the AFC championship in January 2011?...."maybe, leaning yes"

Will the Steelers win the 2011 Super Bowl...."maybe, leaning yes"

It's all still up in the air. And did I mention? - GO PENS!

Actually good luck to the Steelers, may the best team win. (And everyone in Pittsburgh knows who THAT is ;)

I'll be working on my dissertation research tomorrow, so tune in Friday for part 2...



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