24 January 2011

That was fun...football predictions

Want to see an exercise that develops your intuition as you watch your favorite sport?

Meanwhile...moving on...

Raise your hand if you have a rousing case of "Steeleritis" today. Me too. Stayed up too late watching the game and am sleepy today. Cup of coffee #3 coming soon.

I love it when the Steelers win...makes such a nice vibe around town. I hope it continues, and I hope the "vision" of last week continues, that by winning the conference they win the whole enchilada.

Did any of you try "watching" the outcome with your intuition while you were watching the game (whichever conference or sport you follow)? I'd be interested in your comments about the sports-watching intuition building exercise, if you did try it (you can send them to faq@modern-oracle-tarot.com if you are reading on kindle, and I hope you are. I love my Kindle!)

I don't know about you, but I'm not totally in the mood to get back to "work" so to speak. Todays a good day to keep things light...so lets see what comes up for the Super Bowl...keeping in mind lots can change between now and then....

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl 45?

Maybe, leaning yes....Ace of wands, ace of cups, 3 of cups

Three of cups is merriment...

And wands have to do with self-awareness...and this is so much a part of our community identity...

cups is intuition...and I'm as surprised as you are that I was lucky enough to get the win and score right for the SB win in detroit and the AFC win last night...(boy it was fun though)

So my inexpert guess is Steelers over Green Bay...by a slightly bigger margin (right now the difference in "look" between the two logos...maybe around a touchdown, maybe less again. I hear "upset"...and right now the experts are saying Green Bay, aren't they?

It will be fun to watch and see how it goes...and see the commercials if nothing else.

Not that it matters...it's just a game, it's just for fun...

And there is the serious lesson for the day...it is attachment to unimportant things that leads to suffering. Contentment with what you have is like having the wealth of the world at your fingertips. Karma and Dharma and all that.

Here we go Steelers! Let's go Pens!


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