03 November 2010

Tarot reading: Four Seasons for America

People who write like to do just that...when you have a blog, sometimes it is hard not to rant and opine on any old thing that gets your hackles up.

I know I push the envelope when it comes to one of the two topics that inevitably lead to somebody getting disgruntled or annoyed to one extent or another. I 'go there' with religion. Won't do it with politics too, that's be nuts!

So I won't give my opinion of the mid-term elections in the U.S.

But I would like to experiment with this. I've heard of astrologers and the like who do readings for nations, and celebrities. While I personally think it is wrong to read someone without their direct consent, what about a collective group as large as a country? I don't know if it is even possible to do from a Tarot point of view, like it is in astrology. I've heard some astrologers cast charts etc based on the date that a city was incorporated or a business started.

So this is just experimental, no promises, just out of curiosity to see what cards turn up. Not to mention a dead giveaway of my political leanings. It might be more of that than an actual reading for the direction of the country-at-large...but hey, Tarot readers need to vent / rant / opine as much as any blogger, eh?

Winter...knight of cups...suffiency

"Enough"...a period of little change...no further slippage, but not prosperous either. Knight suggests action. It feels grassroots. The action is drawn from the everyman, to make do, to get by with nothing but inaction if not outright obstacles. Direction of the country caters to the few, while the rest show strength, resilience.

Spring...3 of swords...corruption

Corruption is recognized more, seen more, but not corrected

Summer...The Emperor...Illimitable Ability

Skilled leaders...not just one, but a small few...step in to re-set direction and effect a positive change that gives heart to the public that feels abandoned.

Fall...3 of cups...merriment...

A feeling of some hope and optimism returns. A feeling of relief as a crisis ends

3 and a second three...there is a feeling that March and June will be important shifts in energy.


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