30 November 2010

Star Trek, Spirituality, and Radio Waves

Parallels are significant

In the geometry sense, two parallel lines run to infinity side by side, never touching.

I think idea parallels are the same. Because one source comes up with an idea that is closely related, akin to, side by side with...another idea does not necessarily mean they have similar cause or any sort of cause-effect relationship at all.

If anything, sometimes they run through the realm of coincidence and synchronicity.

My example: spirituality and electromagnetism.

One doesn't cause the other, or explain the other, but they give us useful metaphors.

Yes, many ghost hunters love electromagnetic spikes that happen when something paranormal happens. But does that mean one causes another, or that one contributes to the other...does the ghost cause the spike, or does the emf help the ghost manifest? Is this a "proof" of some sort?

Maybe, I don't know, but that isn't the parallel that I'm thinking of here.

I'm thinking of the idea of a spectrum.

EM (electromagnetic) energy encompasses a wide range of things...from heat, to visible light, to x-rays.

Human spirituality (much less the spirituality of beings throughout the cosmos...define that as you will)...also encompasses a wide range.

Is visible light "bad" or "wrong" because it isn't xrays? Are x-rays evil because they are not heat? (Think of their medical uses)

And so it is with spirituality...no one is more 'right' or more 'wrong'...they are just different little pieces of a larger whole.

Now with those two threads of thought...spirituality and EM energy hanging side by side, lets reach for one more thread to add to the braid...


Sound is another energetic wave, albeit one requiring a substance such as air through which to propagate...

In sound, specifically the sounds we define as music notes....some notes harmonize better than others. The resonate, and sound pleasant together. Others are dissonant, and unpleasant together.

In the great wide world of human spirituality, not all notes sound good together. In the great wide spectrum of human spirituality, some wavelengths are far apart. You can feel xrays with your skin. You can't see heat with the unaided eye.

Imagine, for a moment, a "Star Trek" moment, where we find a being that not only tolerates, but thrives on high energy radiation, like the infamous radiation from an atomic bomb that is going to let cock roaches rule the earth as the myth goes...

The energy that that being needs to live would kill us. Imaging for a science fiction moment more that sunlight is toxic to that alien. We need it to live, but this fictional alien would die in our environment.

What would you do, if a well-meaning alien, in a burst of generosity, caring and good intentions, tried to share its favorite dessert with you...a big long drink of cosmic rays.

Just because you thrive on a particular brand of spirituality, doesn't mean you get to randomly beam it to other people.

Sure, talk about, learn about it, commune about it on nice, mutually safe radio and tv frequencies...but blast me with toxicity, and will return fire. Self-defense is a natural instinct, a needed one for all to survive.

Spirituality is a spectrum like EM energy and our fictional alien...some resonate with some things, others with other things.

I like Tarot, other people like runes or tea leaves. I'm a religious freethinker, some people are zealous fundamentalists. Sometimes one belief / energy/ vibration is toxic to another.

Sometimes you just have to respect another person's toxicities.

And it is ok to see that your toxicities are respected too.

That's why boundaries, understandings and negotiations are healthy. They are our tuning systems, so we can find the frequencies and energies that are best for us, and avoid the ones that aren't .

Here is the braid of radiation, music and spirituality:

Leave Star Trek and think now of a common radio station...

Radio stations just broadcast. There is no doubt what they do or are all about. Listen for just a few minutes and you can tell if they are commercial, non-commercial, rock, gospel, country, news, sports...what have you.

If people want to tune in, ok, if not ok. No skin off anyone's nose. It doesn't change the clarity or strength of the broadcast if one person or another doesn't listen. It doesn't bother the listener if that radio station continues to play while they are tuned in elsewhere.

And so it is with spirit...

We each are what we are, we broadcast, hopefully, bright and clear. If others connect, ok, if not ok. No one is diminished unless they choose to be. It doesn't change your signal if no one listens.

And we each choose the stations we listen to . It doesn't change their signal if we don't listen to them.

Easy enough. The problems start, from my point of view, when people try to make you listen to their radio station, even when their radio waves are toxic to some. There are kinds of music I really REALLY don't like.

If you choose to read this blog, fine. Nothing forces you to listen, nothing stops me from posting (as long as we have the first amendment and this remains a free country)...I don't put my radio on other peoples porches and turn up the volume, so to speak.

Civilized societies have rules against that.

Believe as you wish, live as you wish...but don't turn your radio up on my front porch. I choose the stations I listen too, I live in the frequencies that are healthy and non-toxic to me. I don't beam my radio station in your front door.

And I won't allow toxic frequencies to be beamed into mine.

May your light shine, and your radio broadcast clear and strong...and connect with those on your own healthy frequency.


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