21 October 2010

What Goddess is Guiding Me?

Q. How do I know what Goddess is working with me right now?

A. I've heard of "goddess readings" and "angel readings" but it isn't something I do. Sometimes these readings use a special set of cards, with just names of angels from the western judeo-christian tradition on them, or a special set of Tarot cards with Goddesses from many traditions on them. Sometimes these kinds of readings work just like a psychic "cold" reading, where the psychic just gives the mental intuitive impression as they get them. Sometimes this includes the psychic identifying the angel or goddess, sometimes that is identified later based on the symbols given in the reading. Some goddesses have particular colors or images identified with them. As I understand it, Mary from the Christian tradition is associated with flowers, roses, the color blue.

If I were to be very off-the-cuff about this I would answer you simply with "Isis". As I read your e-mail there was a strong Egyptian image...a wall carving / painting of a woman kneeling and offering a light blue jar, like a perfume jar, something that fit in her hands easily. The energy is feminine, but the image isn't the winged one traditionally associated with Isis. The jar image brings to mind the jars associated with Asian Quan Yin statues...to symbolize the pouring out of compassion...but that doesn't feel right. The jar was light blue...quan yin's jar is often white, or the color of the statue's wood or metal. Quan Yin is associated with violet, and the energy here is definitly blue. There is also a strong image of an oval light blue stone set in a headband - gold rimmed with 'horns'...definitely an Egyptian style, perhaps a scarab sort of thing...turquoise or moonstone or feldspar...the shape is like the astrological symbol for taurus only with a stone set in the circle.

But that is why I don't limit my readings to "goddesses" or "angels". I believe that our spirit guides and teachers - whoever they are - show themselves to us in whatever form we learn from the best. If we need a 'goddess', and for whatever reason would resist learning from an Egyptian slave girl who has gained wisdom the hard way...then so it is. If you learn better from a female, than a male, then so it is also. We all have a story. We all have lessons to learn...and teach. I don't want to place limits on the lessons, help, and guidance. But that's just me. It took many years to even learn that spirit guides are possible, that hearing them is possible.

But if you want to learn more about working with Spirit Guides, I recommend Ted Andrews book on the subject.

Here is another suggestion: meditate. Just passively listen to the words, take in the images that come to mind, then let them go. After the meditation, jot down the words and images you remember. After a time, see if there are clues or patterns that might tell you about the guide or goddess or angel that is working with you.

Other key ideas are the compassion that exists with this kind of thing. Set your intent that the learning relationship be a loving supportive one for the highest and best. If something seems wrong, or harsh or judgemental...then something IS wrong. Seek help, ask for protection from higher entities...a true spirit guide or goddess would never frighten or hurt you.

Just some ideas for you to consider, offered in service for the highest and best...

P.S. I know there is no way to prove this, but I didn't find this image until after writing this post...the shape on her head is what I saw, except the circle was gem inlaid with blue instead of being reddish-orange, and separate from the kneeling girl image


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