14 October 2010

Halloween Romance Reading

Everyone wants to know about romance at Valentine's Day, the winter holidays, New Years...

A question about romance this time of year caught my attention. Reminded me a little of one of my favorite movies, "The Crow"...the original from 1994 with Brandon Lee.

In "Animal Wise Tarot" Ted Andrews associates the crow with unexpected magic.

The meditation card I drew about the subject was the Sun from the major arcana.

My sense of it is this:

The sun is stability. Romance is steady now, and not the place for change, energy or upheaval. Let the relationship be as it is, appreciate it, see the good in it as it is.

The word "cascade" comes to mind. The crow speaks of magic, but it is clearly, now, a magic of self.

In short, be the best person you can be. The magic of this time is the magic of loving self, improving self, learning , growing, personal spirituality, our individual connection with the magical and spiritual aspects of life and the universe.

If you are the highest and best YOU, if you are the sincerest, most genuine YOU that you can be, that will cascade into relationships at a later time.

If you are in a relationship now, be your genuine spiritual self...it will transform the relationship you are in. It will help you do your part to make the relationship as it is meant to be.

If you are alone now, that personal power, spirituality, compassion, genuineness - it will all shine out like a beacon to draw love and companionship to you.

Wishing you all Halloween magic, connection to the spirit of the time, and a cascade of good karma to come.


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