13 August 2010

The Moon - daily meditation

I think it is interesting to draw this card the morning after the peak of the Persied meteor shower. Not that a hauled myself out of bed to go watch it...

One traditional meaning for the card is "spiritual journey". Today I also want to connect it a bit with the Native American idea of the "vision quest".

I think too, there is a message of nature, connection with nature and our spiritual journey. Also a reminder of the cyclical, always-changing nature of life and spirit. We can't spend every day in a state of blissed-out spirituality. It doesn't seem right to go through life without those moments, or at least thinking or feeling those esoteric things.

What in nature inspires you today? What cycles and changes do you need to acknowledge as natural and normal?

The moon is small but growing now - perhaps something new but growing is coming along for you.

Wishing you the highest and best as the moon unfolds.


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