06 July 2010

Psychic Field Trip

Intuition is part of everything. That's why it works.

The more I work with intuition, "psychic" work, spirituality, health, aromatherapy and everything else, the more I'm convinced of the holistic viewpoint. It really is one interconnected whole out there in the big wide universe...and right here where we are too. It's all connected.

We are all "psychic"...it is just a natural part of living experience for anyone who has access to the right half of their brain. Spiritual experience is a part of nature in that respect, and not bound to any one philosophy. So it can be experienced in any setting, at any time.

Psychic experience isn't limited to the Tarot cards, or to the practicing psychic's mind or presence any more than appreciation of art is limited to a museum, religious devotion is limited to a particular building, or emotional connection is limited to the actual presence of those we feel closest to...

Intuition and psychism is at its best when it is woven into the fabric of everyday living. Here it is akin to the mindfullness sort of meditation that is held in esteem by many buddhists, where daily mundane activities become meditative in their own right...like one of my favorite adages "chop wood, carry water...this is my magic"

Infusing a mundane experience with intuition is like sprinkling it with pixie dust in some ways.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. I always think it is fun to try to intuit what the animals' energies are, and give anthropomorphized voice to them...sort of giving them a mental caption so to speak. Sure, you can say this just creativity, or child-like imagination....but so what? Who says that imagination isn't valuable? Imagination is arguably our access point to much, much more...but that is another post.

We've been to this zoo quite a lot with the family...but it is never boring, especially if you allow your own mental version of "penguins of madagascar" add a little fun. I also try to bring in some "animal medicine" or "animal guide" sort of Native American thinking to it too, what little I know. One example of the first was this monkey...or was it a lemur...I forget the species, but he had this wonderful fluffy, cream colored fur and the longest arms...and was posing on a branch with this total Zoolander kind of vibe. I could just imagine a German accent telling us to "come to this side, and view my fabulous fabulousness". Later we saw a live show demonstration with a little screech owl. The little guy could look right through to your soul. Pretty good trick for an 8 inch bird. No wonder owl medicine is so revered.

When you are on an outing, or on vacation, why not let yourself SEE things not only with your thinking mind, but with your emotional and intuitive mind as well?

A few years ago, I took a psychometry class. We took a 'field trip' to our local natural history museum. There were a few exhibits, mostly for children, that visitors were allowed to touch. Touching a meteorite is one thing...but touching it while allowing yourself to try and feel its origins and history adds a whole new dimension. It was a great class, and Paul a skilled teacher, but you don't have to take a whole class to give it a whirl, and see what you can sense from the sights, and sounds and feelings of your vacation or family outing. It is a simple little thing to do, or at least think about. But the smallest things often mean the most. Try this little thing of just thinking about imagination and emotion when you are active but restful...you know, on vacation. Let yourself listen to your right brain while you rest your workaday left brain....you may discover something at least fun and possibly wonderful!

Wishing you summer fun with creativity, imagination, emotion and fun!

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