09 June 2010

2 of Swords and the Gulf Oil Spill

The suite of swords often asks us to look at our relationship with authority and society of the whole.

The news of the Gulf oil spill is almost inescapable...as it should be. If this isn't a frying pan over the head, I don't know what would be. Oil will end eventually, it will just be gone, done, burned, over. Then what? We missed our first chance back in the 70s with the embargo and solar panels on the white house...now we are getting a more urgent message to change.

The 2 of swords is a card often read as "mystical unity". I think of it, as always, in holistic terms. Tarot works as a guide because the physical cards, the mind and intuition reading them, the spirit / esoteric / unknown elements at play...all are part of one greater, seamless whole.

Current events can be viewed as part of that whole, that mystic unity.

The question this card asks today is how can you harm nature...anyone or anything...without in turn harming yourself? We are all one, all connected. This is also the mechanism of the "rule of 3s" or the idea of "what goes around comes around"

Harm the environment, and we harm ourselves. We are all united. The harm we do to nature is harm we do to ourselves and those we love.

We use oil, gas, and electricity, and we are part of the fires, disasters and loss of life.

"We work the black seam together" as the song goes.

How do you ally your energies? Are you willing, knowing partner in disaster, or do you cast your intents and actions with a different vision? To what are you mystically united?


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