25 May 2010

Summer 2010 Newsletter

I hope you are all well, and had a good spring. Summer (Winter for some) will be here before you know it.

The Modern Oracle Tarot Blog on Kindle is doing well and gaining more subscribers. You can download Kindle reader for iphone, ipod touch, and now for PC too. Technology is fun!

Even in this philosophy or psychic readings, time is still very connected to readings. They don't call it the space-time continuum for nothing ;)

Building on the idea of the "daily" meditation reading, I've started a reading that is like a "seasonal" meditation...giving a single card, with that card's one over-arching concept as a sort of guiding principle for the season. 4 Seasons, one year of guidance that can begin any point in the calendar and isn't limited to New Year's celebrations.

With all the sunny weather we are having this week, thought I'd pull a summer seasonal card for all of you. This is just a general "thought for the season" and one card may not fit everyone.

Summer is the season where private and party appointments are limited, but there are plenty of phone times, and of course you never need an appointment for an e-mail reading. Prices are still the same as the beginning, so if I can help with a more detailed or personalized reading, please feel free to get in touch!

Happy Summer!

3 of coins - "craft and art" "creativity and skill" - summer is a time of doing things. Often in the hottest part of the year, the advice is to counter the "yang" of the season with the "yin" of resting in the shade, and "letting the planted seeds grow" as the saying goes.

This year promises to be more active. This card brings to mind something I heard the band "OK Go" say in an interview..."we're artists, we like making stuff". That is the feeling I get from this card. There is a real 'learn by doing' tone...the kind of learning we had as children playing with leggos and lincoln logs, making mud pies and drawing with sidewalk chalk. Problems that turn up may require action, solving problems on the fly...in a very active warrior way. My teacher and mentor, Joy Star, who now specializes in Astrology, said just this morning that Uranus is entering Aries, and that the next few weeks would be a time of "warrior and rebels" and "technology" (yeaahhh...my kind of people...tech loven' martial artists). This card goes right along with that...the 'can do' "failure is not an option" NASA sort of flavor describes the season as well.

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, you may find that this isn't so much of a cozy up by the fire sort of winter as it is a snowball fight in the front yard kind of winter.

The key ideas is one of SKILLFUL action...not charging ahead willy-nilly, not thinking problems to death, but acting with creativity and bravery.

I 'hear' "seeds planted will grow". You can't reap the harvest if you don't plant the seeds. So act now toward goals, it is an auspicious time.

Make stuff...and have fun!

Wishing you all an active and fun and relaxing summer season!


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