27 April 2010

When is the answer a question?

Does that sound yoda-ish enough for you?

Questions have value. "The only bad question is the one you don't ask" as the adage goes.

I use this idea all the time when asked for specific predictions.

I make it crystal clear to every client that my style of reading is for ADVICE only, that predictions are not reliable, because CHOICE CHANGES EVERYTHING. Change your mind, change your actions, change your path, change your future.

Some people still ask for predictions like "will I get a new job"?

First I fight off the urge to answer with a snarky, sarcastic "I dunno, did you apply for one?"

Usually very concrete questions like that, rather than sparking a specific answer, bring a whole cascade of additional questions to mind.

No sarcasm intended...DID you apply for a different job? What is your dream job anyway? Are you happy where you are? Would a new job be an improvement or a loss? Do you need training or mentoring to help you get a new job if you want it? Have you talked with your current boss if you want to stay put? Is the change withing anyone's control? Or do you have to adapt to a larger situation? Is there anyone who can give you help of advice in your current field? In the one you want to be in?

And so on. When this cascade of questions happens in response to a specific prediction-request, it means two things to me...

1. that answer the questions in the cascade will give the person the answer to the original question...and
2. This situation calls for logic and action, not passively asking for a psychic prediction.

This paradigm works for me...it is like the old chinese parable. If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him and his family for a lifetime.

Giving a set prediction has the effect of locking the persons thinking into one pattern, either leading them to a self-fulfilling prophecy OR toward disappointment.

Giving a set of questions to ponder expands the persons possibilities, and helps them move toward their dreams.

I like questions. Sometimes questions are the answer.


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