21 April 2010

Tarot and a Bowl of jello

This is an over-simplification.

But analogies like this, I like to think, are what Einstein meant by "thought experiments". This is imperfect, certainly, but I think it gives a little insight to why psychic readings work the way they do, and why predictions are so un-helpful, and why I still love the way Stephanie Myers crafted the Alice Cullen character and how her visions change with choice...

Imagine, if you will:

Imagine a big clear bowl filled with cooled, set gelatin dessert. Imagine it being your favorite color and flavor - cool, light and inviting.

Now imagine putting one spoonful on one side of your plate, and a second spoonful on the opposite side of your plate.

The jello is a smooth, connected, integrated whole. Just like time and space is an integrated whole.

Imagine the first spoonful is a psychic reading, tarot card reading, or some other "fortune telling" method. The reading is a real experience...something you actually hear, see and do. It is a little spoonful of your life and experience.

Now imagine the second is a bit of your future...some real experience that you actually hear, see and do.

Both times and experiences are isolated bits of the wholeness of you life, your time, your space. They come from the same integrated source...both spoonfulls come from the same bowl of jello.

Because they are related, we can tell something of the one from the other. We can intuit what is PROBABLE about the second spoonful from trying to figure out a little about the first spoonful. We can't sense or examine the first spoonful in a lot of detail, but we can form impressions about it from color, smells etc...sort of like looking at it through sunglasses, but not able to touch or taste it...

Now here is where things get tricky...

Just because the first spoonful is cool, spoon-shaped and seems to be one thing....it doesn't mean that it is going to say that way.

Just because a reading sees one probability doesn't mean things are going to stay that way.

For example, by the time you turn your attention to the second spoonful of jello, things can change. There is no way to tell WHEN you will sample that second spoonful. The plate may sit out long enough that all the jello melts, and becomes very dissimilar to what was seen at the reading. The reading, our look at the jello before, is 100% correct for that spoonful at that point in time...but 100% wrong in later experience. You may act to change things...add to the second spoonful to make it larger, or you could drop the jello off the plate entirely. Your actions, or the actions of things beyond your control (like the heat in the room that melts the jello) can change your actual experience.

Melted or cold, jello is all jello, and a reading can give you insight how to accomplish what you want. If you don't like gelatin, you can act to scoop it back into the bowl. You can not act, and let it melt away. Or if you love this flavor of gelatin, then you can act to scoop out more for your plate.

Interconnectedness, wholeness makes intuition possible. We are part of the greater whole...and our thoughts, intents, actions, words, inactions...all impact that world, and our future.

Wishing you the insight to use your jello wisely, and a tasty, satisfying dessert in the process ;)



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