08 April 2010

Free Four Seasons tarot reading / newsletter sp2010


I hope you are having a great spring. (Autumn for our friends in the southern hemisphere!)

I'll be posting the newsletter on www.modernoracletarot.blogspot.com for any of you who would rather see it there, or care to follow the blog / grab the RSS feed. That way I can start to archive the newsletters for future reference for everyone. I'll also put it on my subscription Kindle blog. The Kindle blog has unique content not found on the blogspot site or on modern-oracle-tarot.com, either one. I LOVE my kindle, and the app is available in oodles of formats now...there are kindle readers for mac, pc, iphone, ipod, ipad...you name it. All the details are on amazon.com or copy and paste http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Oracle-Tarot/dp/B0029XF5WO into your browser to learn more about the Modern Oracle Blog. Not only do I have oodles of free and favorite books in one easy spot...I plan to publish my own books in that format. It is a slow process but keep an eye out for "Modern Oracle: Tarot for the 21st Century" and "Tarot Tweets". Those are just working titles, but I'll keep you posted when something definite comes along.

Since we've last talked I've added a new reading to the growing list of those available by e-mail and phone.

I've gotten several requests for something more forward thinking, and the element of time is always a popular topic. While I still focus on choices, learning and not predictions, I've designed the "Four Seasons" reading to bridge the two...a desire to look forward, yet not lock ourselves into the narrow view of a "prediction"

The four seasons reading draws one card for each season coming up, beginning with the current one. This gives an important idea, concept or lesson that may come forward during that time, or give you an important tool to help you through that season.

What follows is a general reading with the intent "to help anyone who may need it", so it may be vague compared to an individualized reading. It will give you a sample of the new reading, a taste so to speak. The reading is available by phone and e-mail, for $20, the same price as the three card pathway reading. Since it is new, it is buy 3, get 4th card free!

I'm using the northern hemisphere seasons, just so I don't get confused, so if you are below the equator, begin with fall instead of spring...the seasons are sequential and begin now....not when your spring occurs, ok?

Here we go:

Spring: Page of Swords. One traditional meaning is "faith" Another is 'use logic and reason'...sounds like a paradox, doesn't it? I guess it is no accident that "Angels & Demons" is on tv as I write this. This card brings to mind the many harmonious opposites that surround us...the yin and yang...power and helplessness...science and religion...faith and logic. But not opposites....both are just sides of the same coin. Seeming opposites are just different facets of the same diamond...parts of the same great whole. As with many swords cards, the sword in this artwork points skyward, a reminder if things seems paradoxical and hopelessly confusing, it is often helpful to take a step back and look for the big picture...look for the whole that unites the seeming opposites. I also get the impression of "walk your talk". Living genuinely, act as you think and feel...this will also help avoid or solve problems and contradictions. This last bit is most in keeping with the general meaning of the swords suite: our relationship with society and with authority. A genuine life is easier to live with courage.

Summer: The ace of swords. The next 6 months has a feel of social dynamics...a feel of much talk and debate in the political realm. It is an election season here in the U.S, but this may be more global...thought to be honest, it feels like here we are in for a blast of hot air and empty rhetoric ( the mental image here is literally one of someone with their hair blown back by a monstor's hot breath...like that scene in Ghostbusters...with as much real importance as a comedy scene. Elsewhere in the world it feels more important...like grassroots change and compassion...like more activism in compassion, in global orgainizations like amnesty international, one, Alliance for a New Humanity...that sort of thing. This latter part would be in keeping with the traditional meaning of "awakening"...rumblings of a spiritual awakening will begin...here I see austrailia, the south pacific and south asia...working around the globe until it finally seeps in even here.

Fall: Page of coins. Page denotes work and learning. Prosperity may not come easily, but it will come with work and perserverance. It will be a time of magic and harvest...or magic and a re-awakening of nature...a fullness and wonder of nature where ever you may be. Stay attuned to magic, mystery, the mystic and spiritual as those energies will be high at this time around the last 3-4 months of 2010

Winter: Wheel of Fortune in reverse...usually I don't read into it if a card is upside down, as opposites are part of the whole, like the first card taught us. But I've also learned to follow my instincts...this time it does seem to emphasize an opposite of sorts. The Wheel means change...the wheel can turn fast or it can turn slow. In this case the feeling is its turning will be slow, and peaceful. It feels like a time of quiet introspection...like fresh baked cookies in the winter or a good book by a fireplace during a snow...that sort of feeling.

In summary, the next 6 months seem to be more dynamic, followed by a period of slower changes, introspection and quiet. The seasons will be themselves...not unusual extremes is the feeling given here.

My eye is drawn to ferns drawn on one of the cards and I hear "good growing season"...I don't know if that is literal or figurative, but I"ll take that as good news for lawn care and amateur gardeners!

And there the energies end.

Wishing you all a year to come full of health, happiness and prosperity!



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