17 March 2010

Alice, Twilight and the Ace of cups

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I still love tinkering with the ideas in Twilight. Stephanie Myers got it so right with Alice. The choice, the changes. Very Yoda like…”always in motion is the future”

Twilight reflects another thing very well… the way everyone depends on Alice’s visions and the minor meltdown that happens when she and Jasper….well, I won’t spoil that bit…

Real world psychic readings are like that in a way…it is so easy to depend on readings rather than take responsibility. I’ve ranted for YEARS about how it is a matter of choice and personal responsibility…NOT fate, time or predictions….yet all the time people still ask when they’ll get pregnant and if their boyfriend will come back to them…

The truth is, we don’t need to rely on readings, to obsess over them. They are guides, signposts…but they are not the path OR the one walking it…

We don’t need to rely on Alice because in reality, there is a little Alice in all of us.

Today’s card is the Ace of Cups: it’s traditional meaning is “inner light”. The meditation that comes with it is “we are all psychic”

As a general rule, barring age and physical debility exceptions, everyone can drink from a cup. We all have intuition, and we all can access it one way or another.

So why are some more sought out? Why are there the “Alice”s of this world?

My opinion is that it is right hemisphere access…the corpus collosium for all you science geeks out there. We all have a right hemisphere to our brain. We all have intuition…some of us can bring that information over to our language centers and communicate it a little better than others.

Everyone can drink from a cup, but some can describe the wine inside a little better than others.

It may not be your talent, your passion to read for others, but you CAN follow your own intuition.

You may not be able to wax poetic over what you taste, but you CAN drink from the cup of psychic ability.

You may not be able to see trackers and hordes of vampires, but there is a little Alice inside all of us letting us know what path to take.

Wishing you a satisfying drink from the psychic cup.



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