08 February 2010

Congratulations Saints! Allez bon temps roullez!

I'd be willing to bet that most of the players on the Super Bowl field had played pickup games of football as kids, just for fun.

It is innate to life on earth. Kids learn by playing. So do tiger kits and chimpanzee babies. Tarot and psychic development can be the same way, even for adults.

Think of the learning that we can unleash on fun. At first glance, scoring in tennis is bizarre. But people learn it, for no other reason than it is fun. Think about video games. We learn the controls, tricks, cheats and hidden items without a second thought because it is fun.

Predictions aren't how psychics work...it's how psychics play.

Predictions are ridiculously improbable. Think of the web of choices and circumstances involved in a football game. Each coach and team plans ahead of time. There are snap decisions and trained reflexes in executing those plans. Wind, weather, fan noise...all play a tiny part, like the butterfly wing in Africa that causes the hurricane on the other side of the world...it all webs together to what we call a win or loss. With all of that at play... literally ... moving, weaving, in fluid changes..."accurate predictions" are dumb luck in picking up the right thread of probable outcomes, not something inherent to how intuition works. Intuition helps us navigate through out own web of probabilities to where we want to take our future...not a vision of certainty of other peoples decisions.

So what does that have to do with the super bowl? It lets psychics play. There are reasons why magic 8 balls are in the toy isle. It's fun. It's diversion. So are making predictions.

Sometimes a friend of mine, who is also a working psychic, will make "predictions" about major sports events. Neither of us particularly follow major league sports...well, other than hockey, and she doesn't even do that. It is just fun to see if we can 'predict' the outcome and point spread. She called the colts. I said less than a touchdown. So on one level we blew it. But were we "wrong"...no. It was intended for fun, and to "exercise" our intuitive muscles, so to speak. In that respect it worked totally! We had a laugh, and no harm done.

If you want to play along...give it a try. Before a game...I suggest just a few hours before the game...more decisions have been made, more probability waves collapsed by that point...make your "prediction". If you follow the sport, set aside what you know of records, injuries, past matchups and all the other logical bits that can get in the way of your intuition. The REALLY hard part is setting aside wishful thinking...set aside who you hope will win (that's why I don't make hockey predictions...too many opinions and wishes in the way...I repeat, Let's Go Pens!). Then close your eyes, relax, and let the winner come to you 'out of the ethers' as they say.

Some may use tarot cards, or other oracles to make this prediction. That's cool. Magic 8 balls are part of the same universal whole as you, your team, and the game being played. Tarot cards, Magic 8 balls, tea leaves...it is all just tools to help you reach your own good intuition. Or in this case, they are toys to let your own good intuition come out to play.

Whatever technique you use...cards, flipping a coin, rock paper scissors, gut feeling, or just letting the winning team come to mind...the important thing is to get a feel for how the information comes to you. To learn to listen to you play and imagination. What we call imagination is another way for intuition to speak to us. It can be direct, or through tools and toys like tarot cards.

Most important of all, relax, PLAY with intuition, then you can better learn to navigate with it, and learn from it.

Wishing you fun and play and imagination.



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