17 January 2010

Alice got it right. Twilight predicts the future...

…or more accurately tells what telling the future is like.

After getting some requests this fall to work at Twilight themes parties, I read the books just to see what all the buzz was about.

Today, finally saw the movie…

As an aspiring writer wannabe (nonfiction), I’m impressed with Ms. Myers skill. I full on expected to hate the books, and thought it was going to be some superficial bubble-gum teen angst romance. In some respects, it is. But I was sincerely impressed with her skill at using the first person. It creates enormous empathy with Bella, you experience everything with her. And the sudden shift to Jacob’s point of view has all the more impact because of it. Well done!!

Of course, being in this business, Alice is one of my favorite characters. She has it exactly right. Her visions change in response to choice and decision. What she sees now, might be totally wrong if someone changes their mind and intention later. She sees along the path of greatest probability, not some sort of fated certainty.

That is exactly how it works. At least in my experience. Asking Alice to see something isn’t a lock. Asking a psychic or tarot reader is even less of a certainty. The web of choice, decision, intention and change is even more complex, wavering and unstable than in the fictional world of twilight.

So hats off to Stephanie Myers for putting that idea into the mainstream. It’s going to make my life a LOT easier. It is true that fiction can tell more truth than reality. I can talk until blue in the face about how choice impacts future, how you can CREATE your own future by the CHOICES you make. Here this teen romance (with enough vampires and shape-shifters to keep it interesting for the rest of us) has make the idea real, and understandable.

Plus it is just a well – crafted, entertaining story, start to finish.

If you haven’t read it, I can recommend it for teen girls and women. Might be a little too high estrogen for the guys though. Although the vampire aspects did keep my attention and I would typically rather shove bamboo under my fingernails that watch sappy romantic dramas. I’m all about the action, sci fi, fantasy sort of fiction. You know, Dune, Harry Potter, Tara Harper, that sort of thing. So Twilight might be palatable for guys that like that sort of thing too.

Well there you have it…a fortune-teller sort of book review. FINALLY a book and movie that gets the psychic / tarot prediction thing right, in a simplified sort of way.

Bravo and thank you!


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