10 January 2010

10 of CUPS

Allow yourself to feel human emotion fully. Both joy and sorrow have lessons to teach. Both triumph and tragedy, no matter how big or how small, are full of life. There are two types of balance here. One is the balance between emotions and experience itself...if blissed out euphoria dominates, or if sadness and morose hopeless dominates, there is imbalance...something is wrong, and that imbalance needs care.

The other balance is between the degree of emotionality and the degree of rationality and neutrality. If every single emotion and experience is full-volume, again there is a loss of balance. There is a place for calm, clarity, centering, rootedness. Reason must rule at times, emotion experienced in full at others.

There is a key difference here...full and extreme. If a cup of coffee is full, then it can be fully experienced, drained with satisfaction. But it the coffee overflows the cup and makes a mess...then less is enjoyed and appreciated. There is learning from the extreme, yes...we learn not to overflow the cup.

Another example is a balloon. Too little air, and it doesn't look as pretty. Too much air and it explodes. It is ok, preferable, to have the balloon full, but the extreme causes destruction.

Learning this emotional balance...just like learning how much air to put in a balloon and how to keep from overflowing your hot coffee onto your hand...is all part of life and wisdom. The learning of wisdom and balance, and then balancing fullness, lack and excess, are all part of living. They are part of the lessons of life.

Tarot cards, like the 10 of cups, are just one tool in the classroom. They are just one way to help learn these important lessons.

May you have full happiness, but even more so, balance and wisdom.



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