14 December 2009


One of my favorite parts of a holiday tree is when it has those shiny silver thin tinsel icicles that shimmer in any little breeze and reflect all the lights.

No big analaogy, I just think it is beautiful. But as always, there are parallels to be found, truths in the forms of hints, connections, subtle synchronicities.

The tinsel captures shimmer and reflections from many directions...connecting light and images from many directions in one tiny icicle.

I'm no expert, but if I understand correctly, learning and insight works much the same way. Learning is a matter of little connections and reflections, webbing together, and showing the the whole in many tiny ideas and neural connections...each one part contains the whole as Michael Talbot seems to postulate in "The Holographic Universe" if I'm understanding correctly.

I'm still working on this one...it's hard to explain, but then there is that connectivity of particles...where a particle and its other half...or its anti-particle...or some something like that...are connected by some underlying, faster-than-light wholeness. You may have heard this in the popular media somewhere...two particles are created, they each can only have one polarity...one positive, one negative...you can't have two negatives or two positives. Say these two somethings were zinging away from each other at nearly the speed of light. We see one, and by observing it, through probability and uncertainty and all that - it becomes negative. At that precise instant, the other particle, even if it is a hoo-zillion, bajillion miles away, instantly becomes positive. Or vice versa. Even though I don't understand it well enough to articulate it...when I heard this idea (possibly from Dr. Kaku on Discovery Science channel) it was the most compelling arguments in favor of wholeness and interconnectivity I think I've heard.

We live as jewels on the net of Indra for a more poetic understanding it.

Ok, so what does that have to do with Tarot.

Tarot works because of that connectivity. To become skilled at reading Tarot, we create that mental webbing by understanding the card's symbolism several ways. We can go throught that process of multiple understanding for each of the cards in the deck. It is quite an undertaking, and it gives your right hemisphere a real work-out.

Just like the "Arcana in Balance" series here...thinking of the balances and imbalances a card shows us is one way of building that whole-istic understanding of Tarot cards...just like learning to understand the advice and cautions the cards can represent.

Add to that the many other oracles and intuition tools that exist: runes, astrology, tea leaves, palm lines. Learning to listen, integrate and appreciate our intuition can be a life-long path. So much to learn - so much potential.

No wonder it seems like magic.

May the glittering web of the universe lead you to love, laughter and learning.


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