10 December 2009

Pathway reading for Dec. 10, 2009

Psychic Joy Star has always been an inspiration to me. I've taken classes with her and am honored to call her teacher, and even more so to call her friend. Often on her blog, she will give spirit-inspired messages - ideas she feels have been given by spirit to be shared with the world at large...as is the case with many working psychics, card readers and so on.

Today feels like a good day to follow that example and join that tradition.

It seems like an energy charged day...yet a day of gentle, quiet importance, entirely consistant with the light snow outside the window.

The "lesson from the past" is the Chariot card. The mental image that comes with that is like a firecracker...one of those with twisting, whistling bursts out from the central bang. The traditional meaning of the card is 'awareness'. The feeling is one of rational understanding...if we are not aware of what is around us, aware of levels of meaning, then things can explode...in unfortunate directions. Denying reality can lead to disaster. The phrase "pragmatic hope and aspirations" comes to mind.

Lessons now: 4 of cups, meaning 'innocence'. The phrase "only the empty cup can be filled" comes to mind. Building on the pragmatism of the last card, this card reminds us that when we are freed from expectations, and emotional overtones, we can fill our cup with clear-eyed hope, seeing what is but also what can-be without limitation...including the limitations of unrealistic and magical thinking

The lessons for the future card: 6 of wands, peace. Calm and peaceful assessment and serene understanding are their own reward.

It is interesting that the path to peace begins with the frenetic activity of the chariot card, goes through the intuition / love connotations of the cups suite, to the magic and spiritual growth of the wands suite. Both a logical and intuitively satisfying progression.

Wishing you clarity, magic and peace



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