01 October 2009

FAQ - "How accurate are you?"

The answer is simple: Accuracy is in the eye of the beholder.

It is all very Albert Einstein, really. The "accuracy" of any given psychic, or of any given reading hinges directly on the expectations of the person getting the reading, and their ability to think symbolically and abstractly.

If you were expecting to see a specific percentage answer by now, you might not like what follows. But if you are curious about how psychic "accuracy" realistically works, please read on.

Let's look at two examples - one drawn from years of doing Tarot readings, the other drawn from science.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...this is only to draw a parallel between the two schools of thought. In no way is this to say that science proves intuition or vice-versa. Both are radically different facets of the human experience. I believe when we find similar patterns in such different fields, it hints to a higher truth, an underlying reality that supports both...not one causing or explaining the other...

But back to psychic "accuracy"...

One of the most common questions I hear is someone wanting to know when they will meet the love of their life or what will happen in their current love relationship.

If the sitter expects, and can only accept a specific answer, then the accuracy rate will be exactly 0%. Sure, it would be nice, and make your life easy if a psychic could tell you that your soulmate would be waiting at the bus stop on January 14 at 5:08 pm. But what higher purpose would that serve? What could you learn from that? How could it help you make a better life for yourself or become a better person??

What if the answer was from a different, larger perspective. What if the psychic message was that it is important to get your career in order before you focus on romance?

That may indeed be what needs to happen for the sitter (the person getting a psychic reading) to have a happy lifelong relationship. That message might be totally 100% accurate - but if all the sitter is willing to hear is specifics, like date or time...then that reading appears totally unrelated and inaccurate.

Let's take this example one step further. Suppose in addition to the message about career and romance, the image of 'violets' also came through. If the sitter thinks only with fixed, preconceived expectations, the notion of "violets" might seem like random nonsense. BUT if the sitter looks at it from a symbolic mindset, they might remember that violets were their Grandmother's favorite flower...and Grandmother had always told stories about how stressful the Great Depression had been on her marriage.

True, modern psychology might call such associations a little "loose". Personally, I think these Synchronicities and symbols are meaningful and relevant. So again, if you expect date, time and place specifics, a psychic reading is not accurate. If you are willing to see the big picture, consider personal growth and life dynamics, if you are willing to be open to symbols and associations...then psychic readings can be right on the mark.

I promised you a scientific parallel. Remember the example from Relativity? Think about a man on a moving train, walking to his seat in the front of the train car. From the viewpoint of his fellow passengers, he is only moving forward a few steps. From the viewpoint of someone on the ground by the railroad tracks, that same man goes whizzing by at 70 miles per hour. If you could somehow sit on the sun, then that same man would be moving 67,062 miles per hour along with the rest of the Earth in its orbit. (source: http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/question.php?number=356)

The same idea of relative viewpoint applies to psychic readings. In math terms, it is a direct proportion. Narrower expectations means little accuracy. The broader the view, the greater the accuracy becomes.

Going back to the romance question: Look at the reading from the viewpoint of exact date time and place and the reading has little accuracy. From the viewpoint of general advice, the reading has a high degree of accuracy. If you add the symbolic validation of the 'violets' association, then the accuracy is even more convincing.

When it comes to psychic readings, the broader view lets you put aside idea "accuracy" all together, and focus on things like "compassion", "learning", "spirituality" and so on.

To get an 'accurate' psychic reading, approach it as if you were sitting on the sun, not riding in a rail car.

Wishing all of you perspective and inspiration.

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