21 September 2009

“The male/female energies within oneself, once balanced, carries over to all affairs of the heart”…Joy Star of www.psychicjoystar.com

That is just like my teacher, Joy. She can put in a sentence things I barely articulate in a page. This is exactly what I was babbling about in the ‘how to find your soulmate’ post.

Once you are whole, balanced and happy in and of yourself…then you are able to be balanced, strong, loving and supportive of someone else. Once you are balanced, healed, and whole within yourself, then you are ready for a soulmate, and will attract them into your life as they attract you into theirs.

Just a quick reminder that blog will be offline for the G-20 summit. E-mail readings are still available no appointment needed, but there may be a 24 hour delay or so due to the summit. Full details available at www.modern-oracle-tarot.com. I’ll be writing blog posts offline next week – so look forward to some longer posts after the G-20. Welcome to Pittsburgh G-20!

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