10 September 2009

FAQ - why don't you do psychic medical readings or take madical questions?

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Here is an example from my KINDLE blog:

Q: Why don't you do medical readings?

A: Remember that old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none?”

There is a little bit of specialization in any profession. Some car mechanics have a knack for transmissions, while others have a talent for electrical systems. Some fashion designers work in chocolate, others work for J.C. Penny….you get the idea.

The psychic world has its specialities too. Some of us are mediums, and can communicate with crossed over loved ones very easily. Some psychics work with criminal cases, some don't. Some are very flamboyant for people who need drama to hear their message. Some of us are more no-nonsense for those who need a low key approach to be comfortable.

Medical readings is one of those specialties. Ironically, I don’t do medical readings because I have a strong medical background. If if someone asks that sort of question I automatically click out of “intuition mode” and go right into "clinical-logic mode". For example I am often asked if a couple will get pregnant soon or the gender of the baby if someone is expecting. CLICK! My first thought is about serum hcgs, and sonograms and all sorts of nice scientific stuff.

Sometimes a distinct physical sensation comes to attention during a reading (see mud vs marinade part 2 to see what I mean by “attention”)…if that happens, I will describe it to the person exactly as I get the sensation with NO medical interpretation. At the very most, I’ll just in a very general way ask them to please take good care of their health and consult a health professional for any physical concerns .

Which begs the question…do I think medical readings are valid?

When it comes to health and medicine, I am Holistic through and through. I think the person’s intuition about their health has a strong place in their health care…like the person who feels something is wrong, even if modern science can’t find anything, or a person who on a deep level knows they need a different treatment…all of that is absolutely valid in my opinion.

But should a person be diagnosed or treated according to a “psychic” diagnosis or reading? Personally, I don’t buy it - even if it wasn't illegal to diagnose and practice medicine without a license.

After working with cards since 1992, and doing hundreds and hundreds of readings over time…the intuitive information is just too symbolic and personalized to be useful in consistent, trustworthy medical way. The best way to use intuition in medicine is to:

  1. follow your own intuition about your health. If you think something isn’t right, keep talking, keep asking questions, keep learning until you find an answer. If you keep getting the same answer over and over, though, you might want to re-think and check for denial. Denying a problem doesn’t make it go away. Listen to your heart. You’ll know when other people are right too….
  2. keep a healthy spirituality in conjunction with a healthy mind and body. Psychic readings is a wonderful tool for that…to learn and grow as a person, as well as expressing your spiritual beliefs.

Carolyn Myss works as a medical psychic. You can read more about this topic in her books. I tend to take some of her work with a grain of salt, admittedly. This is just my opinion, but her books seem to try SO hard to make her intuitive work acceptable to the Judeo-Christian mainstream that she looses her real message in the process. I’ve never met her individually…that is just my perception of her first couple of books.

Of course THE person to study would be Edgar Cayce. His volume of work is huge..I don’t know his accuracy or success rate, but he is by reputation the authority when it comes to such things. If you want to learn more about medicine, health and psychics, you might want to start withhttp://www.edgarcayce.org.

They know much more on the issue of medical psychics than I can offer you here.

Thanks for your question!

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