17 August 2009


Allow is a powerful word. If we allow negativity in our lives, it can be a strong detriment. By the same token, if we allow happiness, and play and all the positive things in our life, that can have a strong effect too.

Often in our culture, we succumb to the old puritanical influences and feel guilty about pleasure, as if it were evil or wrong. Rather than judge it, or want more of it, why not simply ALLOW it...let happiness and pleasure BE? It exists as part of the human experience as much as anything else. Savor the good times, enjoy and ALLOW the happiness!

One of my favorite movie quotes is from the Disney TV movie "Halloweentown"..."magic is just wishing for something and then allowing yourself to have it". So true. Be careful what you wish for, yes, but when the good things come along, allow yourself to have it. That's when the magic happens.

May you allow the happiness to fully happen when it finds you. Like attracts like, happiness begets happiness.

Speaking of movies, we're (figuratively) heading out to wally world in the family truckster...see you next week!

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