23 July 2009

Psychic readings, honesty and expectations

A short, "channeled" reading about not clinging to narrow expectations of what a psychic or tarot reading should be. Being too focused on specifics, predictions or narrow topics might make you miss something pretty cool...

it is interesting the difference that people place on concept, idea, and word. A mental image of, say, a tree, is not that different from the word “tree”, which are both symbolic ways of communicating about those big green beautiful plants. Then add to that all that a tree can mean or symbolize individually or culturally. We all think of trees in the context of nature, beauty, the outdoors, coolness in summer...so many things. An individual might associate 'tree' with a childhood swing, and all the connotations of childhood. Another might remember a walk in woods with a loved one. The possibilities are endless, because the connected web of things and language is endless. If we focus on the sterile generic word "tree" alone, so much could be missed conceptually and emotionally. 

Aren’t mental images just as valid as words? Aren't emotions and associations just as valid as "specifics"? In intuitive work, they have to be. 

Yes, often psychic readings are accused of being vague, but that is the way to give an idea the best chance of being understood. If a reading is narrow and specific, something important but unexpected might be missed.

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