16 July 2009

7 of cups: psychic tarot daily meditation

Traditionally this card deals with delusion and denial.

What are you seeing that really isn't there? Taking a realistic look doesn't mean your hopes will disappear...it can make unrealistic fears and doubts vanish as well.

What is there that you are denying? Taking a realistic look might make you face your fears, but that is the first step in overcoming them. It might also let you see opportunities you were missing because of those fears.

Cups have to do with your intuition...there is a difference between listening to what you know on a deep level and wishful, unrealistic thinking. This card reminds us not to delude ourselves in the name of intuition.

Intuition, psychics, readings are just guides, not a substitute for logic, pragmatism and real work and effort. You must take the responsibility for your own life and decisions...that is the path to freedom. Giving your power of choice over to a prediction is the path to servitude.

Intuition helps us navigate through the real world - not to create a world of delusion, denial and fantasy.

May you find true guidance and inspiration.

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