02 June 2009

Queen of Cups on a still June day

They are calling for rain today

What is it that makes it quiet before a storm moves in? There is a unique feel and stillness to that time. Perfect for the Queen of Cups card, which has the meaning of “stillness”

I’m sure there is some scientific, meterologic reason for it. No matter. It can still teach us, no matter why it happens. 

I understand this card in terms of yin and yang, the classic Eastern balance of opposites. Storms are very “yang” so there must be some moment of great “yin” to bring it into balance.

The physical world itself is yang, compared to esoteric “worlds” like intuition and spirit. Often during still moments in this world we catch glimpses of the others. In western terms it could be said that in these still times of perfect balance that the “veil is thin” and the distance between physical and spiritual narrows. The queen of cups cards reminds us to notice and savor such times.

Stillness isn’t all about yin…the feminine, dark, receding qualities of life and the universe. Stillness is more about that delicate point where yin and yang are in perfect balance. 

Think of the stereotypes of a “queen”  -  female yes, but very powerful. Just look at the queen on a chess board as an example. Magnetic force is yin, but can lift a car. Another example is the suction of a vacuum sweeper. Yin can be strong and active in it’s own way. That is yin in the extreme. That is the other balance point…the point where yin becomes yang. 

The balance point of stillness is the opposite extreme…where yin isn’t active, neither is yang…there is no great movement outward OR inward and all is still and quiet…like the time before a storm, or at sunset. 

This is a good card for summertime. We often think of summer as very outgoing, active, but to balance the heat and activity, we need to also have stillness…a glass of tea in the shade. Times of quiet to “let the planted seeds grow” Stillness has a purpose. It balances the yang times. It rests our body and let’s our soul breath.

If you move a chalice of clear water, it swirls and maybe spills. Agitated water shows you nothing and does not invite the eye. If you keep the chalice of water still, then it is it clearest, and invites you to into it. It is soothing and pleasing to the eye. 

Stillness lets us see…into ourselves and our souls, and our life path. Stillness is not stagnation…it is exquisite balance and the doorway to insight and magic.

May you drink deep from the cup of stillness when it comes your way.

Highest and best to you all!

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