16 June 2009

King of Coins - trust, respect and psychic ability

Intuition and so-called “psychic ability” is a part of human existence, something we all share. Some are more naturally talented at understanding, clarifying, and communicating that oft-silent, symbolic and dream-like world of spirit and right-hemisphere. These are the ones we call “gifted”.

Yet it is something we all posses in some measure or another. I may not be talented at music, but I can hack out a horrible tune if I have to. Anyone can learn to play an instrument. Only the gifted move us with their music.  The same is true of any human activity. I can learn to change the oil in my car, but that doesn’t make me a talented mechanic. We all need those collective gifts. Just because I like to listen to music doesn’t mean I particularly want to be a musician. Just because I can learn car mechanics doesn’t mean I want to fix my own car. And so it is with intuitive work. Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you want to - so you go see a psychic. And believe me, we who do this a lot are always grateful for that.

Intuition is something we all can do. Sometimes it is nice to have the touch of talent, and a fresh perspective. Even those of us who do this professionally get readings every now and then. It isn’t easy to put emotions and expectations away 100% of the time. So it helps to get other points of view. It is kind of like trying to see the back of your head without a second mirror. Sometimes you need that little extra help. 

Which brings us to the idea of Trust.

Trust is a strong element of intuition. If you are to learn to work with your own intuition, then you must first trust and respect your own feelings.

Intuition is simply a matter of first learning to listen to intuition (spirit, guides, angels, deceased loved ones, the right half of your own brain…however you choose to understand this). Once you are able to hear that whisper, see those images, the next step is to trust yourself. Trust that hearing, feeling, seeing and understanding. If you do not trust the ’source’ of the intuitive information, then you can not use or work with it. If you do not trust yourself and your understanding of that information, then the information is equally useless. If you feel the source of information is you…then both are one and the same.

That is just the esoteric level. On the real-world, physical level, the same principle applies. If you do not trust a reader, or a reading ‘process’ then you simply should not proceed. There may be a valid reason you do not trust something or someone. It might be a scam, or it may simply not be the best path for you. Either way, for intuition to be helpful, an element of trust must be there. If you don’t trust someone to read for you, then you must trust yourself and your own perceptions. If neither of those are present, and you don’t “believe” in psychics or intuition…the answer is simple. Leave it alone and move on to something you do trust. There is never a need for anger, antagonism or taking advantage in a situation like this.

If you trust your own ability…read for yourself. If you don’t care to read for yourself, or don’t yet trust your own ability, find someone to read for you. If you trust them, then deal with them fairly - they have provided a real help to you. You would pay a magician to pull a rabbit out of a hat at a child’s birthday party. You make contributions to ministers and churches who help you through emotional upsets. Intuitive work and guidance is no less. If you trust it enough to seek it, then you should treat the person and reading as fairly as any other part of life. If you don’t trust psychic or intuitive work…then you must respect those feelings and find other avenues to your goals.

Trust is a large measure of respect. If you don’t trust others, you don’t respect them. Distrust for no reason is an injustice to everyone. Treating others with respect is the best way to win trust and respect for yourself.

It is all simple, homespun wisdom we all know…and trust.

May we all trust our feelings. May we all trust our knowing of truth. In the end, may that lead us to trust and respect each other.

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