06 May 2009

slightly off topic and a roundabout thank you

Today's "Tarot Tweet": Spirituality is a personal experience and understanding of the sacred. Religion is the public face of that private understanding.

When you work with Tarot or psychic readings, it can be an expression of spiritual beliefs:

The belief that the soul exists beyond death and can guide / communicate with the living...

That there is more to our existence than meets the physical eye...

That we are here to learn, to love, and to learn to love...

That each person's path of learning is sacred, and to be respected, even if it differs from our own....

....to name just a few. Potentially, there area as many beliefs about psychics, intuition and tarot as there are people exploring psychism, intuition and tarot.

As I see it, the important thing is to, like that famous quote attributed to so many from the Delphic Oracle, to Socrates, to plato, to Oscar Wilde and back again, "know thyself". 

Mindfulness can enhance your psychic or tarot experience many times over. What is it that you believe? What of these beliefs to you bring to a reading or are expressing when you give/get a reading??

No man is an island. We bring the totality of ourselves to readings, including our most sacred beliefs. I think that is why it is difficult for the adherents of some religions to allow themselves to work with Tarot. And that is perfectly fine. No one thing, no one path, has a monopoly on Truth...there are many paths to understanding. 

I would never encourage anyone to get a reading if they were not comfortable with the idea. True, the reading may be the doorway to a whole new world of thought, belief, spirituality and understanding - but you have to be ready to walk through that door. I'm not in the business of convincing people that one belief system is better than another. In fact, I think it is deeply wrong, bigoted, prejudiced and unethical to hold one belief system as somehow "better" than another. I think it wrong to feel that your religion or beliefs is the one "true" way. I respect everyone's spiritual path, whatever they have decided for themselves, and expect the same respect for my beliefs. It is just that simple. Tarot readings done in mutual respect are of a much higher quality and are more beneficial, in my experience, when they are done in an atmosphere of mutual respect. 

It isn't required that we work intuitively. There are many ways to learn and grow. Tarot is just one. It isn't required that a person force themselves to get a reading for any reason. It is better for you to be at peace with yourself.

If someone is curious about readings and want to experience one for themselves, there is no reason to hold back. Readings are, essentially, an exchange of ideas. You are in control of what you believe...so you are in control of how the reading affects you. You have nothing to lose but your old ways of thinking and believing. For me, it was a worthwhile trade. I like the broader horizons. I like the truth I see there.

Some ideas are nearly universal. One of them is the idea of being compassionate and doing no harm to others. If you are in a class or group working with psychic topics and you don't want to be there...then don't. It is unfair to the others, but even more so it is unfair to yourself. It is better to be true to what you believe than to sabotage or "convert" other people. You wouldn't hit a stranger in the face walking down the street...why hit a stranger in the spirit when on the internet or in a group?

I have a good friend who teaches an intuition development class online. I've taken her classes before...and that is where I learned a lot of lessons about tolerance and self-acceptance, compassion and understanding of others...

Yet there is one person in her class who keeps objecting and opposing the information given in the class on the basis of her religion...so why is she there, I wonder? Some people feel that if they don't try to win people over to their particular belief system, then they are doing the un-believing others a dis-service - as if they are "bad" or "wrong" if they don't try to lure people into their particular spiritual lifeboat. What they don't seem to understand is that the ship isn't sinking, and every other lifeboat works just fine. Makes me a little sad for folks who think that way...and for the poor people who have to put up with it.

What I'm trying to get to in this very long round-about way is a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog and follows ModernOracle on Twitter. Everyone has been very open and kind. It isn't always that way on the Internet, and I just wanted to express my gratitude for your tolerance, open-mindedness,  and civility. 

You rock.

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