26 May 2009

Queen of Coins

A card can serve several "functions" within a spread: it can advise, caution, acknowledge, congratulate...any number of things.

The queen of coins is a common card to see in career readings. The position it takes up in the spread can modify the meaning even more...but it still carries on of the basic messages above.

For this card specifically, it can advise...it can remind us that nurturing, virtue and serenity are important parts of our career path. There is more to what a job can give you than just money. It can give self-esteem, pride in a job well done, a sense of purpose and belonging, even a social outlet. This card can advise us to look for those things in our career.

It can also act as a caution...if we let career become too large and let things get out of balance, problems and tough lessons may follow. This card is often a caution against greed.  Money-grubbing isn't virtuous and does nothing to feed your soul, no matter how big your bank account gets.

The traditional meaning is "power and loss"... money is often power in our society, but at what price? What part of yourself do you lose in gaining that power and money?

The queen of coins is a wish for our abundant life. There is abundance enough for all. Gratitude amplifies it, simplicity sees it in all things.

Wishing you great abundance for the highest and best in your life.

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