10 May 2007

January 2007Modern Oracle Newsletter

January 2007 Modern Oracle Newsletter

“Time is but a toy for the minds of man”

- From “Triquetra: A Dance of Worlds” by Ronda Snow

The Pensieve

Happy New Year everyone!

Whether it is on the solar calendar, the lunar calendar, or an ancient agrarian one, everyone celebrates the turning of a new year. It is a time of reflections, a time of hope, and a time of renewal. It is no small coincidence that our modern New Year’s observance is tied to the idea of self-improvement and weight loss resolutions. After all the feasting and fun of the Holidays, a little detox is needed. It is the ebb and flow of things…nature finding its balance.

But this balancing act doesn’t end when January ends. This kind of ebb and flow and natural balancing happens all the time. Each season has its own tempo. Every sunrise offers a chance to begin again. Renewal surrounds us, any time of year.

If ebb and flow, yin and yang are ever present, what is the flip side of all this hopefulness and renewal? Disappointment, discouragement. New Years can unmask these things as well. Another year gone, another year without change, time slipping by…hangovers aside; it is easy to see the down side to this New Years thing.

So if you are feeling hopeful, ready to rock and roll with your new resolutions, BRAVO! Hurray for the dawning of a new era! I wish you all the best!

But if you are feeling the downside, remember, New Year’s Day is just like any other. Depending on who you talk to, it’s not even the same year. For some people, New Years is still weeks away! If you don’t like that one, you could always go back to the old tradition of celebrating in April, the beginning of the agrarian year with the spring planting. Time and calendars are just tricks of mind and social convention. We exist in a magical time called NOW, it is renewed every moment…no need to wait for glass balls to drop or fireworks to fly. Hope springs eternal. Now is the closest part of forever. NOW is your time, and your hope, no matter what the calendar says.

Spam in a Can

Not much going on here in Modern Oracle land. A new yellowpages.com add will be up and running in the next couple of weeks for you folks in the Pittsburgh area.

Keep an eye out for New Years and Grand Opening specials on the website over the next several weeks!

Holistic Health:

It isn’t too late! With the nice weather here in the East, the cold and flu season is getting off to a thankfully mild start too. So it isn’t too late to build your immune system in case things take a turn for the cold later…

Some studies suggest that taking vitamin C…older Lancet reports from the early 1990s worked with doses up to 4gms to lessen a cold if you can catch it in the first stages…when you feel it “coming on”. The trick is to take it either in a time release form or to take it in lower doses frequently. Vit. C is water soluble and too much too quick is just washed away. Of course you have to adapt this to your own situation…make sure that Vit. C doesn’t interfere with medications or other supplements, and so on.

Zinc Gluconate, and Echinacea are also well known short-term helps to keep a cold on the mild side if you catch it early enough. All three of these are worthy of your investigation and consideration.

If you are healthy, and want to stay that way…astragalus helps build your immunity so that you don’t catch the cold bug to begin with. Consult with your own herbalist or health care practitioner to see if this herb is a good choice for you.

Too late? Already got the stuffies? No matter whether you choose mainstream medicine or the chicken soup approach, your own immune system is what will make you better. All the rest is just to help keep you comfortable while your own natural healing does its thing. Eucalyptus oil is one of my favorite congestion busters, diffused in the air for a pleasant scent or used in diluted form (such as good old fashioned “Vicks”) topically can be just the comfort you need while nature takes its coughing and sneezing course. Rest and fluids is never a bad idea either. Even mainstream medicine is starting to learn the value of a good night’s rest in immune system function!

The Modern Oracle: Monthly One card Tarot meditation

Three of Cups

“A merry heart doeth good like medicine”

I have no idea where that quote comes from…Old Testament, Shakespeare, Patch Adams, something like that. I dunno who said it, but boy are they right!

This card so fits the theme from The Pensieve and the holistic health notes…

It is well and good that we feast and make merry at the end of one year, and the beginning of another. Happiness is born of merriment, whether it is there when the party begins or not. Even if our celebration is nothing more than a moment of quiet reflection…ANY act that brings comfort and joy is worthy of the New Year.

ANY act that bolsters our spirits will bolster our physical well being too. The mainstream guys call it “psychoneuroimmunology”…meaning that happy people have healthier immune systems and that there really is a mind-body-spirit connection.

The three of cups is a reminder to allow ourselves these moments of relaxation, satisfaction and happiness…whatever form that takes for you.

For me, right now, it is the CUP of warm cinnamon coffee that I raise to your health and prosperity in the coming year!

Love and Light to all…

Ronda aka “Baihu” Snow

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